Defoamer addition rate latex

Allow to mix until uniform. Then add the NaOH, mix 15 minutes, and drum. These are added to powdered products like cementplaster and detergents. A defoamer composition as in claim 1 wherein the trichlorosilane is octadecyl trichlorosilane and the dichlorosilane is dimethyl dichlorosilane. As a component of latex paints and adhesives, it effectively controls foam during manufacture and during application.

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Defoamer addition rate latex
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The above products are used to solve many industrial foam problems where no solution previously existed. In continuous operations, the defoamer is added as the latex enters the stripping column or sprayed on demand onto the foam that is formed. A defoamer composition comprising a precipitated hydrophylic silica suspended in a water-immiscible inert liquid carrier, and reacted in situ with specific molar proportions of a trichloro-organosilane and a dichloro-organosilane, preferably in this respective order, to yield a stable hydrophobic silica suspension in an inert carrier, useful as a defoaming agent for aqueous systems, being effective at concentrations as low as 0. The present defoamers are capable of solving defoamer addition rate latex industrial foam problems at surprisingly low concentrations, of as little as 0.

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Defoamer addition rate latex
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For very demanding applications fluorosilicones may be suitable. Retrieved Nov 12, Add remaining trichlorosilane and mix an additional five minutes.

Defoamer addition rate latex
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